Obalon Weight Loss System

Our patients love reducing their weight with the Obalon Weight Loss Solution for these important reasons:

  • Does not require surgery
  • Easy-to-swallow pills
  • No needles
  • No anesthesia
  • No down time

They also choose it for its:

  • Proven results
  • Long-term weight loss
  • High level of patient satisfaction

Dr Brian Klink and the entire team at Solano Plastic Surgery share a true dedication to patient health and happiness. We take our role as advisors very seriously and work tirelessly to stay on top of emerging procedures, products, and innovations. This allows us to find the ideal solution for each patient. With the new Obalon Balloon System, we can help patients lose weight by swallowing a different kind of pill.

Gastric balloons have been used effectively to induce weight loss for decades. They suppress appetite, making it easier for patients to slim down. What makes the Obalon System for Weight Loss unique is how the balloons are placed. This new approach is less invasive and more comfortable for patients.

The Obalon Weight Loss System is an FDA-approved balloon system for weight loss. It is new-to-market, but has already shown promising results. In conjunction with a diet and exercise program, participants in a clinical trial of the Obalon Balloon:

  • Lost twice as much weight as those who used diet and exercise alone
  • 89% kept the weight off for one year (6 months post-removal)

Dr Klink is pleased to let patients at Solano Plastic Surgery know that the Obalon Weight Loss Balloon System is a great way they can lose weight and re-boot their bodies without the risks associated with surgery.

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Top 8 Benefits of the Obalon Weight Loss System

The Obalon Balloon System is a non-surgical approach to losing weight. This makes Obalon a safer solution, and one that has fewer risks of complications than weight loss surgery. Solano Plastic Surgery patients give Obalon a “perfect 10” for these eight weight loss advantages:

  • No anesthesia
  • No needles
  • No incisions
  • No prolonged down time
  • Reduces appetite by making you feel full after eating less
  • Promotes healthy eating habits
  • More effective than diet and exercise alone
  • Leads to loss of 20 to 30 pounds for most patients

How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose?

Weight loss results vary from person to person, based on factors including

  • Age
  • Amount of excess weight to lose
  • Commitment to lifestyle changes

With that said, a large clinical study found that people lost twice as much weight with the Obalon Balloon System than with diet and exercise alone. Additionally, 89% of study participants were able to maintain their weight for six months after the treatment was concluded.

Why Patients Select Solano Plastic Surgery for Obalon Weight Loss Balloons

Dr Brian Klink began his career 23 years ago and has earned the respect and admiration of patients and peers. He and Solano Plastic Surgery have earned a reputation for providing expertise, quality care, and an elevated patient experience

Dr Klink established Solano Plastic Surgery more than a decade ago. He engaged a staff of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who share his goal to provide unsurpassed plastic and reconstructive services to men and women in California. We believe good health is an essential part of good beauty, and are careful to counsel patients to ensure that their aesthetic goals do not compromise their wellbeing.

We understand that changing your body is both thrilling and a little frightening. Don’t worry. When you arrive at our welcoming practice, everyone you meet is committed to your comfort and happiness. Your questions will be answered and your concerns addressed. Our team members will be there for you, starting with the initial consult through your customized treatment. We’ll help you through your recovery and be there for post-treatment follow-ups.

How Does the Obalon Balloon System Work?

Obalon is an innovative non-surgical weight loss solution. It is a swallowable intragastric balloon system. It is recommended to help overweight individuals (those with a BMI of 30 to 40 kg/m2) who have failed to slim down despite their best efforts. It is intended to serve as an adjunct to improve the results of a moderate intensity exercise program and behavior modification program.

To help patients reduce their weight, the Obalon non-surgical weight loss system uses pills, allowing patients to swallow three lightweight gastric balloons. The balloons are placed gradually over a three-month period. All balloons are removed 6 months after the first balloon is placed.

The balloons take up “real estate” in your stomach. When you eat, there is literally less room in your stomach for food. As a result, your stomach sends signals to your brain saying you are “full.” This reduces appetite so you eat less and lose weight more easily.

Other Weight-Loss Options

Diet and exercise will always be vital to weight loss, of course. Unfortunately, physical and psychology factors can make it difficult for individuals to reach their weight loss goals.

Until the development of the Obalon Balloon System, weight loss options were limited to surgical solutions including:

  • AspireAssist
  • Duodenal Switch
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric Sleeve
  • v-Bloc Therapy

All of these techniques have proven effective. They are, nonetheless, surgeries and, like all invasive procedures, carry the risk of

  • High expense
  • Prolonged down time
  • Permanent scarring
  • Infection
  • Complications due to anesthesia

Obalon’s non-surgical solution to excess weight helps patients shed pounds while avoiding these risks.

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Am I a Good Candidate for the Obalon Weight Loss Balloon?

There are certain criteria you must meet to be a candidate for this procedure:

  • Minimum age of 22
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 to 40 kg/m2
  • Good general health
  • Realistic expectations about results

Losing weight with the Obalon Balloon System is a partnership. The balloons can and will improve your weight loss efforts, but this is not a miracle pill. It cannot transform a stout bulldog into a slim whippet. Although gastric balloons can definitely increase your chances of weight loss, but the short- and long-term success of your efforts rests, ultimately, with you and your commitment to modify your lifestyle for the better.

Do Not Use the Obalon Balloon System to Lose Weight If…

Although FDA-approved and considered extremely safe, the Obalon Gastric Balloon System is not a solution for everyone. Other weight loss options should be explored if you have:

  • An anatomical disorder that inhibits swallowing
  • Prior surgeries or conditions that may inhibit passage through your GI tract
  • History of bariatric surgery
  • Chronic use of NSAIDs, aspirin, and medications known to be gastric irritants
  • Diagnosis of an eating disorder (bulimia, binge eating, etc.)
  • History of stomach disorders, including hiatal hernia and cancer
  • Patients requiring the use of drugs that impact blood clotting
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Women with an intention to become pregnant
  • History of duodenal ulcer, and any other obstructive disorder of the GI tract
  • History of irritable bowel syndrome, or other inflammatory bowel disease

How to Get Ready for Your Obalon Weight Loss Consultation

Our goal at Solano Plastic Surgery is the same as yours: a happy conclusion to your experience with us. In order to achieve that goal, we take the time to get to know you as a person and a patient. You can help. We need you to let us know your complete medical history, including:

  • Past and present medical problems, if any
  • Drug allergies
  • Previous surgeries
  • Any medications you take (prescription, OTC, herbal)
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drug use

Once we have that information, we’ll work to get to know you as a person. We’ll inquire about your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Goals
  • Concerns

You’ll also meet Dr Klink. He’ll give you his expert opinion regarding a recommended course of treatment as well as discuss

  • Treatment benefits
  • Any risks as they apply to you

What to Expect During an Obalon Balloon Treatment

Do you prefer to have medical procedures performed at a facility you know, surrounded by people whom you trust? If so, you’ll appreciate that the Obalon Weight Loss Balloon is an in-office treatment performed by Dr Klink here in California. You can expect to be warmly greeted when you arrive and reassured, if necessary, that you’re in good hands.

We’ll show you into a private room. There, Dr Klink will ask you to swallow a capsule containing a small balloon attached to a tiny tube. He then inflates the tube…and you’re done! No sedation is required and there are no incisions. The entire process typically takes under 10 minutes, and you’ll be able to return to your day’s activities immediately.

How Many Balloons Are Placed During the Treatment?

Dr Klink will place three lightweight, buoyant balloons in your stomach in three separate sessions over a three-month period. This helps maximize a patient’s ability to tolerate each balloon and facilitates progressive weight loss. A fully inflated, single balloon

  • Has a volume of 250cc
  • Weighs approximately 3 grams (lighter than a penny)
  • Pill is about the size of a normal capsule, but will be inflated to about the size of a small orange

It is interesting (and exciting) to note that individuals treated with three balloons enjoyed 4x greater success than those treated with only 2.

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What Happens When My Obalon Treatment is Complete?

After approximately six months, you’ll be asked to return to Solano Plastic Surgery so Dr Klink can remove the balloons. It is a brief (approximately 15 minute) outpatient endoscopic procedure and is performed under light, conscious sedation.

You will be required to take some prescription medications as part of the Obalon Weight Loss Balloon treatment. Additionally, you will be asked to make lifestyle changes related to food and exercise to ensure that the weight you’ve worked hard to lose doesn’t come back.

Does the Obalon Balloon System Limit Activities?

You are likely to be back to your normal daily activities immediately after the 10-minute placement treatment. As there are no stitches or swelling, nothing inhibits your ability to move about. You will need to avoid prescription and non-prescription medication that can irritate the stomach.

You cannot have the balloons placed if you live more than 2,000 feet lower or 4,000 feet higher than the location of our office.

What are the Risks Associated with The Obalon Balloon System?

In a clinical trial, the majority of adverse effects reported were limited to mild abdominal pain and nausea after balloon insertion. Only 0.3% of participants reported serious side effects.

How Much Does the Obalon Balloon System Cost?

The average cost for people who choose to lose weight with the Obalon Balloon System is $10,500. This cost includes the insertion of three balloons, nutritional support for an entire year and balloon removal. All costs will be fully disclosed and discussed before your treatment begins.
The procedure is not covered by insurance.