Liquid Nose Jobs with Dr Sykes

Liquid Nose Jobs by Dr Sykes

The nose of any individual plays an important role in overall facial appearance and harmony. Although surgical rhinoplasty can significantly improve facial appearance, many patients are averse to surgery and want to improve nasal appearance with a minimally invasive approach.
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4 Most Common Myths about Hair Loss

Although hair loss is a common condition, many people are unaware of the way that a new treatment can help restore hair. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about hair loss and restoration, and in this article, Solano Plastic Surgery helps you sort fact from fiction. The #1 Myth about Hair Loss Most… View Article
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Facial Feminization & Body Contouring

At Solano Plastic Surgery, everything we do is aimed to help individuals bring their outer appearance into harmony with their inner self. Nowhere is this dedication more in evidence than in the set of body contouring and facial redefining procedures we offer to our transgender patients.
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Fashion Trend: Beautiful Brows with NeoGraft

2016 is the year of the eyebrow. There are a variety of options for bulking up thin brows, including restorative cosmetics to create the illusion of thicker, fuller brow hair. For patients who want a permanent solution, hair restoration procedures are the answer.
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