Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the most popular beauty treatments in the world. However, most solutions are only temporary, which is why many women and men opt for a more permanent solution through laser hair removal.

Patients prefer hair removal with Solano Plastic Surgery’s Diolaze laser system because it is:

  • Permanent
  • Cost-effective (especially compared to waxing and shaving)
  • Hassle free
  • Safe
  • Non-invasive
  • Needle and anesthesia-free
  • Requires no downtime

It allows women and men to:

  • Remove hair from the face and body
  • Target and destroy hair follicles beneath the skin
  • Enjoy permanent hair removal
  • Treat lighter hair than many other types of laser removal systems

Laser hair removal treatments

  • Have a track record of clinical success
  • Earn high marks in the form of great patient reviews

Solano Plastic Surgery, founded by Dr. Brian Klink, is a destination for anyone who wants to achieve a personal best in health and beauty. We are always on the lookout for innovative treatments to bring to our patients whether they want subtle or dramatic transformations to their appearance. For women and men seeking effective hair removal, the Diolaze, an advanced laser hair removal system, is an excellent option.

Top 6 Benefits of Diolaze for Hair Removal

Diolaze incorporates next generation technology and one-of-a-kind design that ensures our patients enjoy:

  • A more effective treatment than other hair removal options
  • Hair loss that can be achieved in 4-6 sessions
  • No waiting for visible hair growth before a treatment can be started
  • Precision targeting of treatment area with no damage to surrounding skin
  • More hair removal in shorter time due to larger spot size on hand-piece
  • Low “ouch” factor
  • No downtime

How Diolaze Addresses Hair Removal

Considered the gold standard in diode hair removal, Diolaze is highly effective at combining high peak power and one of the largest spot sizes available on the market, making treatments convenient and fast. It is safe, but powerful enough to target even the most stubborn hair. It is also virtually painless thanks to three separate built-in cooling features which maximize patient comfort.

Why Patients Choose Solano Plastic Surgery for Hair Removal

Dr. Klink is dedicated to providing patients with unsurpassed options in aesthetic enhancement. He works with individuals to enhance their beauty, but never at the risk of their well-being. A leading cosmetic specialist who has earned high marks both from his patients and peers, Dr. Klink is known for his encyclopedic knowledge of medicine and for his commitment to the highest level of patient care. He has been in practice for more than 20 years and founded Solano Plastic Surgery over a decade ago.

Solano Plastic Surgery is a warm and welcoming place, with friendly staff eager to answer questions and make people feel at ease. When you choose Solano Plastic Surgery, our team becomes your team, providing guidance, information and any support that you might need. You’ll enjoy our V.I.P. treatment from the moment you arrive, through to your initial consultation, your treatment, recovery and post-treatment follow-ups.

Hair removal is an extremely personalized treatment as each patient (and each patient’s hair) is unique. Dr. Klink and our team have far-ranging backgrounds, which gives us all the tools we need to diagnose hair problems, create an effective treatment plan, and implement that plan with outstanding results.

Are You A Good Candidate for Diolaze (diode laser) Hair Removal?

Hair removal is a non-invasive treatment with Diolaze. Therefore, if you are in relatively good health, you are likely an excellent candidate. Just as important as your physical health, however, is your mental state. You need to have realistic expectations about the results that can be achieved, as well as how those results may impact you.

During your preliminary consultation at Solano Plastic Surgery, you’ll be asked to talk about your medical history, lifestyle and your aesthetic goals. Armed with that information, our team will determine which approach is right for you.

How to Prepare for a Hair Removal Consultation

Achieving aesthetic improvement is a team effort. In order for us to evaluate whether you are suitable for a treatment, our team will ask you about your:

  • Medical conditions
  • Drug allergies
  • Previous hair removal treatments you’ve had
  • Current medications (prescription, OTC, supplements)
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs
  • The outcome you expect

Your preliminary consultation will also include:

  • A physical examination of the treatment area
  • A discussion of your options
  • Our recommended course of treatment
  • A review of likely outcomes
  • A review of risks and potential complications

Other Options for Hair Removal

The Diolaze treatments for hair removal are distinguished by their safety, effectiveness and reduced discomfort for patients. Other, less patient-friendly options, include:

  • Tweezing – which can lead to ingrown hairs
  • Shaving – which can also lead to ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini area
  • Waxing – which can be painful, with redness and bumps common, and the possibility of infection also common
  • Electrolysis – leads to redness, swelling, and scaring
  • Depilatory Creams – can trigger allergic reactions
  • Hormones – can disrupt other body functions

How to Prepare for a Hair Removal Treatment at Solano Plastic Surgery

Because Diolaze treatments are non-invasive, there is very little you need to do prior to your treatment. There are no dietary restrictions, but we do recommend that patients stop smoking two weeks prior to a Diolaze hair removal treatment to ensure that the tobacco is not having a negative effect on circulation.

What to Expect During & After Hair Removal Treatments

Every patient at Solano Plastic Surgery can expect to receive the V.I.P. treatment from start to finish. Our hair removal treatments are performed in-office, which will help you feel at-home in a familiar place with familiar faces.

Treatments are fast, although treating multiple areas in a single session can add time. The length of the session and the number of sessions required will be determined by our team based on your goals.

When your treatment is complete, you are good to go! No supplements or medications are necessary after a treatment with Diolaze, and there is no downtime thanks to the non-invasive nature of this approach. All our patients can return to work immediately.

It’s easy to transform your appearance with the help Diolaze hair removal. Let us show you how! To discover more about everything we offer, we invite you to call Solano Plastic Surgery in either Vacaville or Napa to request more information or to schedule a consultation.