Radio Frequency Body Tightening (BodyTite)

Radio Frequency (RF) body tightening is the latest and non-surgical technology for reshaping the body. RF technology can remove fat and tighten the skin at the same time. This provides a better result, comparable to those achieved through surgery, but without the scars or the cost and downtime of surgery.

Patients choose radio frequency body tightening at Solano Plastic Surgery because it’s

  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal scars
  • Less downtime, bruising and skin trauma
  • Performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (Dr. Brian Klink), not a technician.

Body sculpting treatments with radio frequency (RF)

  • Remove unwanted fat from the body
  • Cause the skin to tighten visibly
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Sculpt the body instantly

Our patients trust their body to Solano Plastic Surgery because

  • We only use devices that are FDA-approved
  • We have a track record of clinical success
  • We earn high marks in the form of great patient reviews

At Solano Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help people look and feel their very best. We are always on the lookout for advancements in the world of aesthetics to share with our patients. Recently, we added a new device to our practice. It’s called BodyTite and it uses Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) to deliver three-dimensional remodeling to your body. The contouring can be subtle or dramatic. The treatment is minimally invasive and requires only modest downtime.

6 Benefits of Body Skin Tightening with BodyTite

BodyTite is a sophisticated RFAL (radiofrequency assisted liposuction) technology. It is the first and only device of its kind on the market approved to address both fat removal and skin tightening. Other key benefits of BodyTite include:

  • Tightened skin after fat removal
  • Precise targeting of treatment area so surrounding skin is not affected
  • Less risk of lumpy irregular skin appearance (common with liposuction)
  • Gentle pre-heating of treatment area allows gentle extraction of unwanted fat, which results in minimal swelling and bruising.
  • Less risk due to minimally invasive nature of procedure
  • Improved safety features control the heat output and prevent the possibility of burns

Why Patients Choose Solano for Body Tightening

Solano Plastic Surgery was established more than a decade ago by Dr. Brian Klink. His mission was a simple one: to provide superior plastic and reconstructive surgical services. Today we offer a broad range of treatments, and Dr. Klink personalizes his treatment approach to each patient’s specific body tightening needs.

Dr. Klink has earned the respect and admiration of his patients and colleagues with a tireless dedication to quality care. He began practicing 23 years ago and is a leading plastic surgeon in Northern California. Because of this, his patients know they are in good hands with Solano Plastic Surgery, under the care of a dedicated professional who is committed to excellence.

Our practice is cheerful and welcoming, and our staff are as well. We’re here for you…to provide information and guidance. Think of us as your support team at your initial consultation, on procedure day, throughout your recovery, and post-treatment follow-up, too. We’re with you for the long haul.

The Science behind Body Tightening

Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) is sometimes known as lipo-tightening because it tightens the overlying skin as the fat beneath is extracted. RFAL is considered a minimally invasive approach to skin tightening and the technology at the heart of BodyTite.

Here’s how it works…

A tiny cannula is inserted beneath the skin, and an electrode is placed on the surface of the skin. The radio frequency waves flow from the tip of the cannula to the electrode, creating a contained thermal field. The waves dissolve the fat and tighten the skin. A small liposuction cannula is used to remove the liquefied adipose tissue. An RFAL treatment also simulates collagen production and triggers the skin to tighten. This makes the treatment area appear more slim, toned and youthful.

The RFAL device monitors the flow of energy and will shut down automatically in the event that the electrodes overheat. Dr. Klink also monitors his patients’ skin temperature so that he can determine whether to increase or decrease RF levels for optimal body sculpting. It is a double dose of safety.

Other Options for Body Tightening

People today enjoy a wide range of options when it comes to addressing lax skin on the body. In the non-surgical realm, patients can find help with:

  • Fat transfer injections
  • Laser treatments
  • Cryolipolysis (which freezes fat cells to kill them)

The drawback with these treatments is the duration of the benefits, which can be much shorter than those achieved with RFAL body and face tightening. Other than cryolipolsis, there is no reduction in the underlying fat layer beneath the skin. The main advantage over fat freezing procedures is the skin firming and tightening the procedure offers. There are also a few surgical procedures that can help with sagging skin and fat on the body:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Breast lift
  • Arm lift
  • Thigh light

Unfortunately, discomfort and a longer recovery period are common with surgical procedures. Additionally, due to the use of general anesthesia, surgical procedures carry a higher risk than RFAL skin tightening techniques. While surgery is definitely the right choice for many patients, having another great minimally invasive solution might be the perfect fit for their needs.

Are You A Good Candidate for RFAL Body Tightening?

If you have loose skin and some excess fat and have thought about liposuction, you may be a good candidate for RFAL body and face tightening. Good health is the most important factor. However, there are few medical reasons that would prevent someone from having a BodyTitle treatment:

  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women
  • People with an active skin disease
  • Anyone with an autoimmune disease that can affect healing (i.e., lupus or diabetes)
  • Anyone with unrealistic expectations regarding the physical and emotional benefits of RFAL

How to Prepare for a Body Tightening Consultation

Your preliminary consultation with Dr. Klink at Solano Plastic Surgery is an essential part of ensuring a great outcome with radio frequency assisted lipolysis. You can contribute to the success of your visit by coming prepared to discuss details regarding:

  • Medical conditions (past and present)
  • Drug allergies
  • Previous surgeries and treatments
  • Current medications (prescription, OTC, herbal)
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs
  • Your chief motivation for seeking body and/or face tightening
  • The outcome you expect from the treatment

Following your oral history, your preliminary consultation will also include:

  • A physical examination to evaluate the elasticity of your skin
  • A discussion of your options and Dr. Klink’s recommended course of treatment
  • A review of likely outcomes, including risks or potential complications
  • A discussion of healing and benefits

How to Prepare for a Body Tightening Treatment

Follow all instructions given at the pre-op evaluation, especially avoiding smoking, alcohol and NSAIDs, as these may increase bleeding.

A change to your body, even a desirable one, can be a little nerve-wracking. We encourage you to arrive early on appointment day, fill out your paperwork, and then sit back, relax, and let us take good care of you.

What to Expect During & After a Body Tightening Treatment

You may opt to remain awake with only local anesthesia during this procedure, or you can request mild sedation. In cases where patients are having several areas of their body treated, it may be appropriate to use general anesthesia.

The procedure begins when Dr. Klink first makes a small incision in your skin. Next he inserts a thin probe. An anesthetic fluid is introduced into the superficial skin tissue with a special tube known as a cannula. Rather than painful, the sensation is generally described as feeling like “pressure.” When the hand piece is moved across the treatment area, fat tissue beneath the skin is liquefied and removed by a second, smaller cannula. At the same time, the overlying skin tightens.

The time taken for a BodyTite procedure will depend upon the size of the area, but will generally take somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes. That one treatment may be all you need. According to the BodyTite manufacturer, only 2% of patients request a second procedure.

Body tightening using the RFAL provided by BodyTite is changing the way people see themselves. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please call or email us to request more information or to schedule a consultation.