Neck Lift

Every day, Dr Jonathan Sykes and Dr Brian Klink and the aesthetic professionals at Solano Plastic Surgery meet with patients who are unhappy with loose skin, sagging muscles, and excess fat in the neck.

These highly visible signs of aging are especially bothersome because they add years to a person’s appearance, making them look older than they really are.

Regardless of the cause of the unwanted change in tone and texture – age, weight, and even genetics – Drs Sykes and Klink are masterful at rejuvenating patients’ necks to help them achieve a natural, refreshed appearance, using a surgical technique known as a lower rhytidectomy or neck lift.

Top 6 Anti-Aging Benefits of a Neck Lift at Solano

There are no exercises, skin creams, or magic potions that can address the problem of sagging neck skin. The only way to fight back against this common problem caused by excess skin and tissue (and exacerbated by gravity) is with neck lift surgery.

‘Turkey neck” is for the birds, and performing a neck lift to correct the drooping skin that resembles a turkey wattle is just one of many ways our surgeons help patients maintain a more youthful appearance. Other benefits of the surgery include:

  • Re-creation of a sharp neck (cervico-mental) angle and more defined jaw line
  • Rejuvenation of neck
  • Reduction of banding and turkey neck
  • Dramatic improvement/elimination of lax skin and wrinkles
  • Correction of double or triple chin
  • Creation of a longer more elegant-looking neckline

4 Reasons Neck Lift Surgery is a Top Choice for Facial Rejuvenation

Neck surgery is a transformative procedure that can smooth and tighten neck skin to give your profile a taut, more youthful contour. Beyond this obvious (and highly sought-after) benefit, other factors that make this facial rejuvenation approach appealing to our patients:

  • Neck lift surgery can be part of a multi-procedure makeover with facelift surgery – Dr Sykes and Dr Klink frequently perform neck lifts as standalone surgery to produce subtle overall results. However, neck lift surgery can be coupled with other procedures for patients seeking a more dramatic improvement in their appearance.

It is quite common for plastic surgery patients at our practice to undergo a facelift in addition to a neck lift. It’s an ideal approach, allowing patients to achieve complete facial rejuvenation with the benefit of a combined procedure and recovery period. Our surgeons discuss various options with each patient during their initial consultation.

  • Neck lift surgery results can last for as long as a decade – Solano Plastic Surgery patients who undergo neck lift surgery are often able to enjoy their more youthful profile for many years.

Even after a decade, when some of the effects of a neck lift will begin to diminish, the procedure still helps patients look younger than if they had not undergone the procedure.

  • Neck lift surgery tightens skin and smooth’s it, too – Although it’s considered a single procedure, a neck lift is performed in two parts. The first step is called a cervicoplasty. During this portion of the surgery, excess skin in trimmed from the neck. The second step is a platysmaplasty, during which the muscles in the neck are removed and/or tightened.

This two-pronged method helps ensure optimal results, as it smooth’s the appearance of the skin, while simultaneously tightening underlying muscles.

  • Neck lift surgery and liposuction can be performed together – Many patients are troubled by excess fat in the neck area. This fat cannot be addressed with neck lift surgery, but can be corrected with liposuction.

At Solano Plastic Surgery, we use SlimLipo for optimal results. A laser-assisted approach to fat removal, SlimLipo allows our surgeons to create further definition along the jawline and a slimmer appearance in the neck.

Still another benefit of neck lift surgery is directly attributable to Drs Sykes’ and Klink’s expertise as plastic surgeon’s. They have perfected a technique for placing an incision within the crease behind the ear, making it unnoticeable even when the hair is styled back. A second small incision is placed in the crease below the chin. It, too, becomes almost unnoticeable with time.

More Reasons Patients Choose Solano for Neck Lifts

When you visit Solano Plastic Surgery for a neck lift, you can relax. From your initial consultation through your surgery, recovery and follow-up, our entire team will do everything possible to ensure that your expectations are surpassed in every way.

A neck lift, like any cosmetic surgery procedure we perform at Solano, calls for both surgical and aesthetic skills. Fortunately for our neck lift patients, Dr Sykes and Dr Klink have a wealth of both.

Neck Lift Surgery Basics

Since 2013, when its growing popularity was first noted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, neck lift surgery has won many more enthusiastic converts. Yet for the average person, the specifics of this facial rejuvenation procedure remain a mystery.

Facial aging is a complex process that involves the descent and loss of facial fat and connective tissues. The skin on the neck is thinner and more delicate than on other areas of your body, and much more prone to damage. Over time, factors from aging to gravity cause the skin to stretch, wrinkle, and sag. The key culprit is the platysma muscle.

The platysma, lying over the throat and under the chin area, is responsible for creating the contour of the neck. Over time, the platysma splits in two, with one half on either side of the midline. As the free edge of the muscle sags, it creates a wrinkly turkey-like neck that contributes to a prematurely aged appearance.

Depending on such factors as a patient’s age, unique individual neck issues, and aesthetic goals, a surgeon may recommend one of several treatment approaches, performed together or individually:

  • Platysmaplasty – to remove or tighten neck muscles and correct neck bands.
  • Cervicoplasty – to tighten extremely loose skin and muscles and improve elasticity.
  • Laser Lipolysis (Liposuction) – to remove fat only (generally indicated for younger patients whose neck skin has good elasticity).

Cosmetic Injectables vs. Neck Lift Surgery

“Less is More” is a guiding principle in cosmetic surgery. At Solano Plastic Surgery, our team knows that small steps taken in moderation are often the best route to optimal facial rejuvenation. Therefore, some of the patients who visit us seeking a neck lift will be offered a less invasive treatment option: cosmetic injectables.

Cosmetic injectables can help patients achieve marked improvement that still look natural, and they work instantly. At Solano, our expert injectors use a range of products to

  • Smooth neck lines
  • Soften neck folds
  • Improve neck contour

Neurotoxin injections (such as Botox) can relax parts of the platysma that are responsible for the “band” appearance. Our expert injectors use them to improve neck fullness “instantly” for patients who want to look good for a special occasion. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes.

Injections can also help some patients at Solano Plastic Surgery delay a more invasive procedure and/or maintain their sculpted neck appearance after a surgical neck lift. Though injectables are not a substitute for a neck lift, they do give some patients an improved neckline and rejuvenated facial appearance for up to a year.

A good candidate for this approach to lower facial rejuvenation is someone between the ages of 30 and 60 who has neck creases and lines, but not overly lax or hanging skin.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Surgical Neck Lift?

A neck lift is performed on individuals over 18 years of age who feel the need to improve the appearance of their neck. Typically, however, neck lift patients at our practice are between the ages of 30 and 70.

When or surgeons perform a neck lift, they can address various cosmetic issues, including:

  • Turkey neck
  • Excess fat and/or skin in the neck

If you are self-conscious about these issues, you can be considered a good candidate for a neck lift.

Emotional health is just as important as good physical health when considering a cosmetic procedure. During the initial consultation, you will be asked questions to make sure your goals and expectations regarding the outcome and benefits of lower facial rejuvenation surgery are realistic. Cosmetic surgery is meant for improvement, not perfection.

What Happens During Neck Liposuction

Fatty deposits in the neck can detract from its appearance, making someone who is physically fit look out-of-shape and someone who is youthful seem older than they really are. For these patients, laser liposuction can create a new-and-improved profile with a streamlined contour that enhances facial features and improves the profile.

Laser liposuction for fat removal in the neck area produces reliably excellent results. An incision is made below the chin to remove the excess fat deposits. A laser is used to break up the fat safely and effectively, and a cannula is used to remove it from the neck area.

At our practice, we use the innovative SlimLipo to remove excess neck fat. The procedure is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Most patients are done in less than an hour.

There may be slight bruising at the small incision sites, but pain is minimal. It is recommended that a compression sleeve be worn around the neck for a short period of time to optimize healing and results.

Patients at Solano Plastic Surgery are consistently enthusiastic about the new contour laser liposuction gives to their necks and often report a boost in energy and self-confidence.

What Happens During a Surgical Neck Lift

A neck lift works to lift the tissues of the neck into a more youthful position. It also improves the angle between the chin and the neck to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

During this facial rejuvenation surgery, the surgeon makes two incisions either behind or under the ear. First the excess skin is trimmed with surgical precision. The skin is then re-draped with aesthetic accuracy before sutures are placed to close the incision.

Our surgeons take care that most of the incision is in the hair-bearing scalp and the rest is well hidden in the natural folds around the ear. It will be visible only on close inspection. From a normal conversational distance, any scarring will go unnoticed.

As this is surgery, there will be a moderate amount of swelling and bruising after surgery. Many patients schedule a two-week holiday after their neck lift to give themselves time to heal and to let any obvious signs of surgery dissipate.

You will begin to see some evidence of the benefits of your neck lift after a week, and the improvement will peak at five or six months. How long the effects last depend on factors including a patient’s

  • Anatomy
  • Lifestyle
  • Heredity

As a general rule, however, patients that undergo a neck lift at Solano Plastic Surgery will enjoy their re-contoured neckline for up to ten years.

What Happens During a Platysmaplasty Neck Lift

Platysmaplasty is literally translated as “reconstruction of the neck muscles”. It is the surgery most people mean when they refer to a neck lift. In this anti-aging technique, excess neck skin is removed and the remaining skin is repositioning and tightened. We use this approach to

  • Create a sharper angle under the chin
  • Reduce neck wrinkles that are responsible for turkey neck
  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Make the neck look taut and youthful

For this type of neck lift, tiny incisions are made under the chin and/or behind the ear. We then manipulate the platysma muscle and suture it into a new, more aesthetically pleasing position. At the same time, we remove excess fat and skin and work to create a well-defined chin with a youthful neck contour.

The procedure is complex and time-consuming (taking three hours or more), but it is unsurpassed in helping Solano Plastic Surgery patients recapture a youthfully defined neck and jawline. Initially, there will be some degree of bruising and swelling around the jaw, ears and neck, but these effects generally subside within 48-72 hours.

Happily for patients looking for an “instant fix” to their ageing neck, the results of platysmaplasty neck lift surgery are visible immediately. Things only get better: the results will continue to improve for one to three months.

What You Can Expect When You Have a Neck Lift at Solano Plastic Surgery

When you visit us, you can expect to be treated like the V.I.P. (Very Important Patient) that you are to us. From the moment you contact our offices to ask about a neck lift – or any other procedure, for that matter – you’ll get to know the white glove patient experience that is the pride of our practice. We take the time to get to know you as an individual. During your initial consultation, our team will work to create a 360-degree snapshot of who you are to help us customize your experience.

Cosmetic surgery is change for the better, but that doesn’t lessen the anxiety it causes to some patients. Relax! At Solano Plastic Surgery, our medical team and support staff are at the ready to answer your questions, explain every step of your procedure in detail, and get you excited about the positive changes to come.

When the day for your neck lift arrives, you’ll meet with your surgeon again so that he can review your procedure and make sure that you are clear and confident about your neck lift.

The Average Cost of a Neck Lift

We take pride in providing patients of Solano Plastic Surgery with safe and effective cosmetic surgery procedures that yield exquisite, natural-looking results. To do that, we create a customized treatment plan for each patient seeking a neck lift for lower facial rejuvenation.

As each procedure is unique to a patient’s anatomy and enhancement goals, there is no way to quote an “average” cost for a neck lift. Once a patient has selected a treatment plan, he/she is given a complete overview of the procedure, including costs.

If you would like to know more about neck lift surgery, correcting turkey neck, and techniques for facial rejuvenation, please contact Solano Plastic Surgery on (707) 448 3436 or send us an email to schedule a visit to our friendly, welcoming practice.