Solano prides itself on patient satisfaction. Here are what some of our patients have to say about their experience at Solano Plastic Surgery

I’d like to begin by saying that I researched a ton of plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Klink. I had received many different referrals from many friends for different Dr.’s so I felt it was necessary to do my due diligence and check everyone out. Everyone claimed that their Dr. was the best, but truly Dr. Klink is and was the best. I will say that not only Dr. Klink, but also his amazing staff from office to anesthesia, are a cut above ANYWHERE else out there. I was a little nervous about not being in a hospital, but their surgery center is spotless. They keep immaculately clean operating rooms, offices and lobby. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have consulted with Dr. Klink. I feel beautiful and sexy again! Which is hard for a mommy of four.

I suffered from a severely saggy belly following the birth of my twins. I never thought that it could look as great as does following my mommy makeover. I also decided to have my breast filled. They look absolutely so natural that it is hard for me to believe that I have implants. I forget every day! Dr. Klink was very informative in walking me through the whole procedure. Putting my mind well at ease. The recovery was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. After talking with other friends with similar surgery, Dr. Klink’s follow up is beyond comparison. If you asked me if I would do it over again, the answer is YES!

Thank you Dr. Klink for all that you’ve done to make me whole again. Thank you to the staff for always making me feel welcome. Deciding to have plastic surgery is such a hard decision, and a life changing one. I am so glad I chose Dr. Klink. I would recommend anyone and everyone, time and time again to Dr. Klink. I will for always be indebted!!!

– Amy

After breast feeding for 15 months my breast tissue had broken down so much that all I had left of my beautiful DD cups was empty skin that happened to be where my breasts were. I lost a lot of self-confidence and even had a hard time being intimate with my husband. After being referred by a friend to Dr. Klink I went in for a consult and decided it was time. Dr. Klink and his staff made me feel so at ease and safe with them it was never an issue. I had never had surgery before for any reason and they made it so I had no worries at all. I went in on the day of surgery and did the final 3D photo to be sure I was getting the right size. After being taken to the surgery prep area, the nurse assisting in the procedure stayed with me until we went in and I was put under. When I awoke she was there along with my husband. They made sure I was comfortable and happy before I left and Dr. Klink called many times to insure my wellbeing. After all my check ups and now I am nearly one year post op my breasts looks natural and full and beautiful! I highly recommend Dr. Klink and his staff, you couldn’t be in more capable hands.

– Melissa

Dr. Klink and his wonderful staff have been an absolute blessing to me on my reconstructive journey. I’ve never felt like a patient, but more like a great friend to these caring people who go above and beyond your expectations. Dr. Klink genuinely cares about your results, and does everything he can to achieve what’s in your best interest. Your needs always come first, and Dr. Klink makes sure he takes his time and gives you not only the best results, but the best experience all around. I had a “Mommy Makeover” surgery and I have never felt more confident in myself as I do now. Gorgeous, natural results, minimal scarring, and fantastic long lasting aftercare. What more can you ask for? I would, and have, recommended Dr. Klink and his office staff to all of my friends and anyone who is considering making a change in themselves. You can’t go wrong having such an experienced and friendly Doctor on your side.

It is without reservation that I recommend Dr. Klink. I consulted with him after multiple previous unsuccessful (and disfiguring) surgeries (all by reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeons). The procedure that he ultimately performed was beyond my greatest expectation.
His demeanor, concern, integrity, and skill cannot be equaled. He is honest, realistic, and disarmingly sincere.
It is with equal enthusiasm that I applaud his office and his staff. They have the ultimate respect for the patient’s comfort and privacy, combined with a seemingly effortless efficiency.
I would sincerely suggest that potential patients meet Dr. Klink and his staff before pursuing plastic surgery anywhere else. I actually received his name from friends in Sacramento, but found him to be Solano County’s best-kept secret. I would give him and his staff “five stars,” but only because you can’t give ten.

– Irene

As a patient of Dr. Klink and his team since 2010, there are not enough words to properly value and appreciate the professional, patient-centered care they have provided both me and my family for a myriad of procedures both elective or otherwise over the years.

The process involved with any medical procedure can be extremely stressful. There are many key reasons this anxiety is minimized at Solano Plastic Surgery but at the core… it seems to be about the people. I see the same faces as I walk through the door today that I met over 6 years ago. These are friendly, talented professionals that understand the medical field of study and work hard to comfort and educate their subjects with patience and understanding. This is an environment where there are never too many questions or too little concern when it comes to the wellbeing of all those involved.

The day of surgery has always been particularly stressful for me! Catherine, the head nurse is literally with you through the entire process. The level of care she has always provided is second to none. It is one thing to give appropriate care to a patient under these circumstances, but Catherine goes well beyond with her efforts to make you feel like the singular priority. She has a uniquely positive and calming disposition that neutralizes much of the angst the day of surgery can conjure. She and the rest of team have solidified my belief that they truly enjoy their life’s work and we as patients benefit from their approach.

Dr. Klink has always been extremely involved in the process and has always been honest and thorough. His breadth of experience is obvious from the first consultation. More importantly, he too asks questions and takes a keen interest in understanding the nature of a requested procedure and will not hesitate to offer his professional opinion regarding its necessity and if it can be done responsibly. This is not a Doctor that will do any procedures simply because it is requested. For me, this has fostered an invaluable trust that my health and wellbeing have always been more important than the potential for profits or the bottom line.

Dr. Klink has consistently looked at cutting edge technology to minimize the invasive nature of many procedures, reducing recovery time and discomfort. Many office visits have been met with new and interesting machines or devices that he actively tests and evaluates. There has always been a clear intention to learn and benefit from new techniques and processes that can better the experience for patients. Dr. Klink involves the patient in this process and shares in genuine excitement when discussing desired results and the intended goals.

Dr. Klink and his staff provide the same diligent care and interest after a procedure as they do before and during. From follow-ups to evaluations, Dr. Klink is as concerned with my results as I am … he is a committed partner on the entire journey which I have really appreciated.

I strongly recommend Solano Plastic Surgery and know from my own experience you cannot be in better hands.